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Today I have become my mathe test and ... have a really

bad mark = 5 ...


I want to cry and to scream but I only cry because I dont wont to

altercate with my mom ;_____;


Im so sad about this fucking mark >.<

and for a few minutes I have work 2and a half hour on my

reading diary ... the book is really good I like it ..

at the moment Im lucky because I lool Robin Hood with my best friend


Love ya Alan


he helps me every time he is my angel but I think he couldnt help

me at school .. besides he came to me and learn with me math XDDD




25.6.07 15:42

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alanan (25.6.07 18:24)
I'm so sorry for your bad marks
Yeah I know that really good. Sometimes when I am sad or I feel very bad Alan helps me.

(25.6.07 19:39)

^.~ er mit dir mathe üben ?
du hättest garantiert nicht mathe und zahlen im kopf

Elbe (25.6.07 20:11)
that was me ...
*arrow up*

Greg |D / Website (25.6.07 21:14)
Nächstes Jahr darfst du mich immer fragen, wenn du Nachhilfe für 'ne Arbeit brauchst, ich helf dir gerne ^_^. *1 in mathe hab*

TwigTwig (26.6.07 06:49)
*greganluv* thanky my dear

*elbeanluv too*

my sweet elfisch gril *__*

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