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today I have really much fun with my Greeeeeeeg *_________*

 we eat ice and make it bit with the costume XD

And talk a lot about House M.D and Jimmy and Greg ;3

look pictures and talk talk talk


aww it was a nice day *happy desu*


Greg hdl XD



28.6.07 20:56


*happy desu*

ofmg today I have 2 sport lessons after the normal

school lesons ..

And I really like my teacher :3 He is one of my Sugar Daddys..

List of my Sugar Daddys:

1.Alan Rickman

2.Gary Oldman

3 my teacher XD


 and so on ..

aww hm yes ..today he was so sweeeeeeeet to me

he said he liked my socks XDD

and he think that i look very sweet with it ^///^


hm yes Im happy about this XDDD thats the first good

thing at this week ..

But my mom has  phoned with my classteacher ...




And tomorrow my really lovely and bäriges Greg XD comes to me

to do list:

 -talk alot about House M.D

 -talk about Jimmy e.e

 - maybe play sacred !??


 -work on the costume from Greg !?

 -talk more about Jimmy and Greg XDD

 - have fun *____*



27.6.07 19:41

happy and sad

hm.. Im really sad but I know that I have

told you everything about this kind of problem ...

but its so hard for me to go to school and see all the people

who have no problems and have good marks and so on ;___;  

However was today a good day because I habe buy cards for

Harry potter 5 fpr the preview :3 

Im really happy about this *weird dance with magda chan* XD

and I have made apart for this a new costume ^-^°


buuuut one of my guinea pigs is ill ;____________________;



26.6.07 19:44



Today I have become my mathe test and ... have a really

bad mark = 5 ...


I want to cry and to scream but I only cry because I dont wont to

altercate with my mom ;_____;


Im so sad about this fucking mark >.<

and for a few minutes I have work 2and a half hour on my

reading diary ... the book is really good I like it ..

at the moment Im lucky because I lool Robin Hood with my best friend


Love ya Alan


he helps me every time he is my angel but I think he couldnt help

me at school .. besides he came to me and learn with me math XDDD




25.6.07 15:42


Im scared about my marks at school ;____;

I dont want to go from school with out a graduation

...I want to learn so many things .. my english is so bad

and I wish I can go to Scotland after my apprenticeship but when

my school dont want me anymore how ca I do all these things ???


help x.X



24.6.07 18:07

new Blog design

hello my dears ;3


I have creat my own Blog desing

hope you like it

XD I love it .. Alan Rickman *_______*




24.6.07 17:18


somtimes  some people dont understand me ...

thats make me sad.


I mean Im a person and not a creature with no feelings ...

my life is boring I have a few friends , hobbys but not a person

who loves me and on some days I sit alon at my room and think

that Im be a nobody  .



23.6.07 19:05

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