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happy and sad

hm.. Im really sad but I know that I have

told you everything about this kind of problem ...

but its so hard for me to go to school and see all the people

who have no problems and have good marks and so on ;___;  

However was today a good day because I habe buy cards for

Harry potter 5 fpr the preview :3 

Im really happy about this *weird dance with magda chan* XD

and I have made apart for this a new costume ^-^°


buuuut one of my guinea pigs is ill ;____________________;



26.6.07 19:44

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Elbe (27.6.07 18:16)
Du Sau ....

Ich will au so ne Karte ._. pöh
dafür geh ich einfach in Glasgow ins Kino ;p

Lass dich nicht unterkriegen *kuschel*
Und geh mit dem Schweinchen zum Arzt ;-; kranke Schweine sind nich gut ._.


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