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somtimes  some people dont understand me ...

thats make me sad.


I mean Im a person and not a creature with no feelings ...

my life is boring I have a few friends , hobbys but not a person

who loves me and on some days I sit alon at my room and think

that Im be a nobody  .



23.6.07 19:05

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Greg |D / Website (23.6.07 20:55)
Du bist kein niemand, du bist 'n toller Mensch und wieso 9872436289634876 Freunde haben, wenn man auch ein paar richtig gute Freunde haben kann..

Tja.. das mit der Liebe ist halt immer dasselbe |D.. wird noch.. ò.ó..

alan (24.6.07 18:48)
oh no, you're not a knowbody my dear!
I can understand you very well because I'm very often alone in school or at other places.
I'm sure that you find someone soon, I can feel because you're such a nice and cute person my dear!
alan :-*

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